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Michael uses his burner phone to call the cops and exposes Angela for abusing him

Michael uses his burner phone to call the cops and exposes Angela for abusing him

Last Friday, Michael Ilesanmi was reported missing. The Nigerian prince disappeared without a trace and left everything behind, including his phone, passport, and everything else. At first, Angela was worried sick for her husband and thought that something had happened to him. However when she learned the truth about his escape and betrayal, she lost it and became so determined to get him deported.

Angela Deem was never a fan favorite, and most of the 90 Day Fiancé fans are taking Michael’s side even though he may be committing Marriage fraud. The fact that Michael has a burner phone makes him a suspect. Because, why would a husband hide a second phone from his wife unless he’s doing something shady behind her back?
A few days after his escape, Michael used his burner phone and called the local Police department to announce that he was not missing. The 36-year-old also revealed that he ran away without telling anyone from Angela’s close circle because his wife was abusing him, and he feared for his life. Michael confessed that his wife had taken his passport as soon as he arrived in the United States and smashed his phone during a heated argument so he wouldn’t talk badly about her to his family. He added that he was feeling stressed and miserable with Angela and felt like he was on house arrest because she wouldn’t let him go anywhere without her and locked him at home when she went out.

When he was in Nigeria, Michael was living the same misery. In order to receive his portions of the TLC checks, his wife forced him to leave his job and stay at home. Angela isolated him from his people and ordered him to stop talking to his friends, forbade him from having any social media accounts, and god forbid if she catches him speaking to other females.

During a two hours YouTube live stream with celebrity blogger John Yates, Angela Deem denied all of Michael Ilesanmi’s accusations and called him a liar and a scammer. She promised to get him deported at all costs, and claimed to hire three lawyers who are costing her 10 thousand dollars per hour, which is absurd.

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