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Deadliest Catch star teases Cornelia Marie revival years on from ex captain’s death

Deadliest Catch star teases Cornelia Marie revival years on from ex captain’s death

The F/V Cornelia Marie is one of Deadliest Catch’s best-known boats. For years, fans who follow the show will have seen the fishing vessel set out to sea with a crew of hopeful fishermen on board. Now, it seems fans are convinced the Deadliest Catch ship has been sold and ready to haul crab all over again.

Deadliest Catch kicks off its twentieth season this year. June 11 saw the return of Sig Hansen, ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski, Steve “Harley” Davidson, Jake Anderson, and many more memorable fishermen of the Discovery Channel show.

Deadliest Catch fans think the Cornelia Marie has been sold

There’s excitement among Deadliest Catch fans this summer, not only because of the drama-filled season 20’s release but because there are rumors flying around that the Cornelia Marie has been sold.

It appears the long-standing ship could be in store for some kind of revival as a former cast member, Taylor Jensen, shares a snap of himself posing in front of the “big blue piece of steel.”

Taylor also includes the hashtag #Bristolbaybound in his post. According to Vessel Finder, “the vessel is en route to the port of Naknek, United States” and it’s due to arrive there on June 18.

Taylor posing alongside the ship has fans taking to the comments section to write: “Congratulations,” “So glad to see this!!! Good luck you guys” and “You guys bought the Corneila Marie? That’s so cool.”

More ask: “Who bought the boat?” but others assume its now Taylor and his partner who will be taking charge of the Cornelia Marie.

One comments: “Omg!!! That’s so sick!!! Full circle! Good luck guys.”

Taylor was previously a deckhand, greenhorn, and engineer on the boat. He appeared on Deadliest Catch from 2018 to 2022.

Boat’s former captain passed away

Deadliest Catch is a show that documents the often brutal environment crab fishermen work in.

There have been many cast members who lost their lives at sea, as well as devastating injuries that have caused some crew members to leave their jobs.

As the Cornelia Marie is likely going to take to the water once again, many fans may recall its tragic past.

The boat’s former captain, Phil Harris, died at 53 years old following complications from a stroke back in 2010.

He passed on February 9 and the ship was taken over by his two sons, Josh and Jake Harris.

In Deadliest Catch’s early seasons, Cpatain Phil Harris, Murray Gamrath, Derrick Ray, and Tony Lara ran the ship.

From season 10 Josh Harris and Casey McManus took the helm. By season 17, it was just Casey McManus in charge of the Cornelia Marie.

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