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Fans Call Whitney Way Thore ‘Classless’ Over Blatant Disrespect

Fans Call Whitney Way Thore ‘Classless’ Over Blatant Disrespect

Whitney Way Thore-YouTube

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans call Whitney Way Thore ‘classless’ over blatant disrespect. This current season has not boded well for Whitney in any capacity. They think that she has been rude, abrasive, and controlling. So, what did she do now to be considered ‘classless’? Read on for more details.

Fans Call Whitney Way Thore ‘Classless’ Over Blatant Disrespect

This current season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been very emotional. The family lost Babs Thore and now they are trying to pick up the pieces. One thing that Whitney Way Thore encouraged her father, Glenn Thore to do was create a bucket list of things he wanted to do now that he was alone. She also wanted him to finally connect with his long-lost daughter, Angie. Angie had been conceived in 1968 but put up for adoption by her mother, Jackie after she was sent away to a home while she was a pregnant teen.

Whitney Way Thore and Glenn from MBFFL from TLC, sourced from Instagram
Whitney, Glenn-Instagram

At the same time, fans have found Whitney commanding and dominating over the family, especially her father. Yet, Glenn did connect with Angie and now, he, Whitney, and Hunter are on their way to Alabama to meet the whole new family. However, fans have taken exception to the way Whitney Way Thore has been behaving upon entering Alabama. A Reddit thread was started, with the OP writing: “Whitney stereotyping people from Alabamer.  Is anyone else annoyed at how she is stereotyping her alabama family? She is so rude! I wonder if they are watching this and feeling very offended.”

Whitney Way Thore-YouTube
Whitney Way Thore-YouTube

It has become an issue as she is chronically disrespectful to her friends and now, her new family. Did anyone else notice this as a problem? One wrote: “She has no filter and zero class.” Another added: “Anyone who pees in hot tubs, etc., and wears a cow suit on national t.v. and mispronounces words like she does, is in no position to cast stones at ANYONE.”

Glenn Calling Her Out

One Redditor said they loved the way that Glenn called out Whitney Way Thore. They thought it was great that he asked her to speak properly and not embarrass him. This is his family that he has thought about for decades and now finally gets to meet them. Therefore, it means so much to him to make a good impression. As usual, she is the one making it all about herself. It will be interesting to see what exactly happens when they are all together and Angie sees what her new sibling is like.

Do you think that Whitney Way Thore will be more respectful when meets her new family or will she be just as bad? Let us know if you think her behavior was classless and watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life Tuesdays on TLC/

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