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‘Deadliest Catch’ Is Wild Bill Still Alive?

‘Deadliest Catch’ Is Wild Bill Still Alive?

wild Bill Wichrowski

Deadliest Catch Season 19 ended with Bill Wichrowski, AKA Wild Bill, finding out his prostate cancer diagnosis. Naturally, Discovery fans hope he is alive and well. The cliffhanger ending stressed many people despite the captain of Summer Bay being bad-tempered at times. As people fear the Navy veteran passed away, we checked it out for you.

Deadliest Catch Fans Fear For Wild Bill Wichrowski

As filming happens ahead of the show, in real life, it must be at least a year since Wild Bill’s diagnosis. Recall, that Zack Larson’s dad was told by his doctor in  Mount Pleasant, South Carolina about his treatment.  Worried Discovery fans heard that he could expect radiation treatment along with chemotherapy.

Deadliest Catch - Wild Bill - Discovery YouTube
Deadliest Catch – Wild Bill – Discovery YouTube

Deadliest Catch fans ask about Wild Bill from time to time. On top of his cancer, the show revealed that he struggled with a painful hip. Mind you, he went for surgery which seemed successful. The crab boat captain who turned out to care about his crew despite his grumpy ways, is on the minds of a lot of people this winter.

Is Wild Bill Still Alive And Well?

No official updates on Wild Bill’s health arrived since the finale. So this week on Reddit, someone asked about him. The OP wrote:

Is Wild Bill okay?
I remember at the end of last season Wild Bill was diagnosed with cancer. Has anybody seen or heard anything about how he’s doing these days and if he’ll be on the Summer Bay this year?

Bill Wichrowski - Deadliest Catch - YouTube
Bill Wichrowski – Deadliest Catch – YouTube

Deadliest Catch fans were not slow to comment, and many of them felt that if he were dead, then the media would have delivered the news to Discovery viewers.

  • If he had died you would have heard something about it on social media.
  • I found out some of the deaths from watching the news on tv as well even before it was mentioned on other social platforms so unless [you live] under a rock you would certainly have heard something if he had died. especially being that he is a main cast member of the show and not just a deckhand on an episode or two

Well, it seems that Wild Bill is alive as he posed up a photo of his truck on Facebook this week. Some Redditors talked about how he sold some personal possessions, and he might need the money for more medical treatment. Hopefully, that’s not the case, and he is covered by medical insurance. Discovery fans reason that he must have some sort of cover because of the nature of his business.

What are your thoughts on Bill Wichrowski still being alive? Are you sending positive thoughts his way? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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