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OH NO! 1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton sparks major concern as star displays odd behavior and ‘slurs’

On Saturday, Amy, 36, shared the video on her TikTok as a shoutout to her new boyfriend.

Amy Slaton posted a new video on TikTok talking about her boyfriend

Amy Slaton posted a new video on TikTok talking about her boyfriendCredit: Matt Symons – Commissioned by The US Sun
In the video, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star appeared to be slurring her words

In the video, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star appeared to be slurring her wordsCredit: TikTok / amyhalterman87

She started the video by expressing how much she missed Kevin, her new man.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star went on to say that she hadn’t drunk alcohol for one week since the last time she saw him.

While talking to the camera, Amy seemed to be slurring her words and nodding her head randomly.

Amy also said that Kevin sent her $300 so she and her niece could get their nails done because he wouldn’t be able to make it to their fourth date.

She said that Kevin did this to prove that he was with her for her and not her “fame” or “fortune.”

Throughout the two-minute-long video, the TLC personality had a beauty filter on her face, but it seemed like she could barely keep her eyes open.


After fans saw the video, they commented on it sharing their concern for the reality star.

Some were worried about how she appeared in the video, and others were concerned about her new boyfriend.

“He will do things like giving you money to ‘prove himself’ now. It’s called love bombing. But the flip will switch,” one person wrote.

“Kevin is the epitome of a walking red flag, and it is blatantly obvious.”

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton admits she ‘doesn’t need sex’ with new boyfriend Kevin after star defends relationship_

“Is it just me or does she seem on something lately? And the way she keeps talking about Kevin. Good Lord,” added another.

A third wrote: “Girl, you are gonna lose your boys and your life. Do better.”

“She can’t keep her eyes open. Girlfriend. Get it together,” commented a fan.


Amy revealed that she doesn’t need sex with her new boyfriend as the star defended their relationship.

She went back on the dating scene since divorcing her husband of six years, Michael Halterman.

On Sunday, she took to TikTok to clarify that her boyfriend Kevin didn’t spend the night with her after their second date.

“Yeah, I was in a hotel room but not with Kevin,” she explained.

Amy revealed that she enjoys treating herself to a hotel room by herself “with no kids.”

Later, she claimed that her fans are “making mountains out of molehills” before adding, “Kevin is such a good person. ”

“He has not ever harmed me or disrespected me… he has not even offered sex,” she continued.

The reality TV star explained that “most guys, they all want to have sex with you on the first date but no, me and Kevin… our relationship is so good we don’t need sex.”

She then asserted, “I really like this guy and y’all are picking him apart.”

Amy came to Kevin’s defense in another video as she shared the romance from her third date on TikTok.

In the nearly two-minute video, Amy reposted the snapshots from their dinner at Red Lobster.

The carousel post included glasses of white wine, cheese sticks, and many dishes with lobster.

The last image showed the check and $200 in cash.

It also seemed like Amy couldn't keep her eyes open

It also seemed like Amy couldn’t keep her eyes openCredit: TikTok / amyhalterman87
Fans in the comment section expressed their concerns for Amy

Fans in the comment section expressed their concerns for AmyCredit: TikTok/amyhalterman87
Others also claimed they didn't like her new boyfriend Kevin

Others also claimed they didn’t like her new boyfriend KevinCredit: TikTok/amyhalterman87



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