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Darcey Silva gives 90 Day Fiance viewers ‘jump scare’ in latest Cameo: ‘She reminds me of Jigsaw’

Darcey Silva gives 90 Day Fiance viewers ‘jump scare’ in latest Cameo: ‘She reminds me of Jigsaw’

darcey silva Instagram selfie may 2024
Darcey threw 90 Day Fiance viewers for a loop in a recent makeup-free recording. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Darcey Silva’s appearance continues to shock 90 Day Fiance viewers, but her latest video has them completely dumbfounded.

Darcey’s photos and videos on social media are often heavily filtered, making it hard to gauge what she actually looks like in real life.

But a recent Cameo recorded for a fan gave us a glimpse at her actual appearance, with no filters and no over-the-top glam, and 90 Day Fiance fans are shocked to see how much she has transformed her face.

SHABOOTY on Instagram uploaded a video originally shared by @thetruthisoutthereifyoulook, featuring Darcey recording herself for a Cameo customer named Maddie.

In the recording, Darcey appeared fresh-faced, forgoing her typical full face of makeup and signature lash extensions, wearing her hair up in a high ponytail.

Darcey was in good spirits throughout the recording, but rather than her demeanor, all her critics could focus on was her appearance.

Critics react to Darcey Silva’s makeup-free Cameo: ‘She looks like the catwoman!’

Even though her critics are used to seeing Darcey morph into an unrecognizable version of herself, the 49-year-old reality TV personality looked puffier than usual, and less like herself than ever before.

Instagram users flocked to the comments section of the Reel, voicing how drastically different Darcey looks present day compared to her 90 Day Fiance debut in 2017.

“Omg! Holy s**t! She looks like the catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein!” wrote one commenter. “This is so sad!”

One of Darcey’s fellow 90 Day Fiance castmates was shocked by her appearance as well — Jenny Slatten expressed her astonishment, writing, “Whoa 😮”

instagram comments on darcey silva's appearance on cameo
Pic credit: @shabootydotcom/Instagram

Another critic compared Darcey to Billy the puppet from the Jigsaw movie franchise.

“I love her but she reminds me of Jigsaw here 😬,” wrote @krissi619. “Wish she saw what we all saw back then and didn’t feel the need to get SO much work done.”

Another shocked Instagram user voiced that Darcey’s plastic surgeons “should be charged” for “doing this to her.”

Rounding out the comments, @alexa_pomegranate compared Darcey’s face to their son’s “when he accidentally ingests peanuts.”

Darcey continues her quest to alter her appearance despite harsh criticism online

Despite the criticism Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, receive online for drastically altering their appearance, the ladies continue to visit their favorite surgeons and med spas for services.

In recent months, Darcey has undergone a “Russian doll” lip transformation, continues to get regular Botox injections, and even added a facelift to her laundry list of surgeries and procedures.

Typically, Darcey ignores the hateful comments aimed at her appearance, but earlier this year, in a rare move on social media, Darcey addressed her haters, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

In the caption of an up-close selfie, Darcey told her fans, critics, and followers, “The world won’t take me down. I’ll rise above. I’m not here to be chastised,” adding the hashtags #leavemealone, #stop, and #bullied.

Since then, Darcey hasn’t let up, continuing to fill up her Instagram feed with plenty of selfies and referring to herself as a “doll” and a “House of Eleven beauty.”

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