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‘Sister Wives’ Truth About Garrison Brown’s Addiction & Depression

‘Sister Wives’ Truth About Garrison Brown’s Addiction & Depression

Garrison Brown, Janelle Brown, Gabe Brown, and two women from Instagram

At the moment, the Brown family and Sister Wives fans alike mourn 25-year-old Garrison Brown’s tragic death. Since news of his passing broke, more details have come to light.

Clearly, Garrison Brown struggled with mental health issues leading up to his death. However, the situation might have been more serious than fans ever realized. Now, his roommates’ statements provide an insight into the Sister Wives star’s final days. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Garrison Brown’s Roommates Believe He Was An Alcoholic

Sister Wives fans know that Garrison Brown had plenty of reason to struggle with mental health issues. Onscreen, he and his father Kody Brown butted heads season after season. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that they ever reconciled before Garrison’s death.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

But it appears the 25-year-old had more concerns going on in his private life and turned to alcohol to cope with the pain.

As per The Sun, Garrison Brown had three roommates at the time of his death: Tyler, Cheyenne, and Addison. The publication also obtained access to the police report, detailing the horrific details of the day.

“Addison stated that he has had conversations with [Garrison] about him being depressed lately,” the police report allegedly says. “He stated that [Garrison] is an alcoholic and drinks every night.”

The report goes on to say that Addison alleged Garrison seemed “intoxicated” the night before his death. However, Addison did not seem to think that Garrison was in danger.

The Sun adds that Cheyenne confirmed Addison’s account. Cheyenne also believed that Garrison and his ex-girlfriend were having problems, which potentially contributed to his alcohol addiction.

The TLC Star Texted His Mother Before His Death

According to police records, it seems that Garrison also reached out to his mother Janelle just before his death. Janelle indicated that she received “troubling” texts from her son and believed something was wrong. The next day, she sent her son Gabriel to check on Garrison. Unfortunately, Garrison had already passed away when Gabriel arrived at his home.

In the wake of Garrison’s passing, many family members have posted on their own social media channels. They thank fans for their thoughts and prayers and ask for peace and privacy as they navigate this difficult chapter.

It’s not immediately clear what will happen to Sister Wives now, but many viewers think it’s time for TLC to end the series. The never-ending family drama was one thing, but now someone has died.

Were you shocked to learn of Garrison Brown’s untimely passing? Do you think TLC should bring Sister Wives to an end? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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