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Darcey Silva unveils ‘The Darcey Doll’ but her critics aren’t impressed: ‘You must be kidding’

Darcey Silva unveils ‘The Darcey Doll’ but her critics aren’t impressed: ‘You must be kidding’

darcey silva april 4 IG selfie
Darcey received major backlash for calling herself a “doll.” Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Darcey Silva thinks she resembles a doll, but her critics strongly disagree.

The 49-year-old reality TV personality is known for “doing it big” for her appearance.

Darcey goes to great lengths to look her best, even if her haters disagree that her plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures are an improvement.

Despite all the criticism she receives on social media for constantly changing her looks, Darcey doesn’t slow down when presenting herself in what she considers her best light.

Recently, on Instagram, Darcey did just that, striking a pose, looking much like a GIF made in her likeness.

In her Instagram Story, Darcey wore a dangerously low-cut, curve-hugging gown as she stood at a window overlooking a busy city at night.

darcey silva poses as a "doll" in her instagram story
Darcey posed like her “Darcey Doll.” Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Darcey Silva is keeping her ‘eyes on the prize’

Darcey’s hair was styled in a high ponytail, and she snazzed up her look with plenty of bling in true Darcey style.

At the bottom of her photo, Darcey included the GIF of herself, which was captioned, “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.”

Adding her caption, Darcey wrote, “The Darcey Doll,” and tagged the Instagram handles of Comfort Zone Surgery Center – the Istanbul, Turkey-based office where she traveled to undergo a bevy of cosmetic surgery.

Keeping on the “doll” trend, Darcey also posted a snap of herself during a photoshoot, modeling another low-cut dress in her Instagram feed.

The accompanying caption for Darcey’s post read, “Darcey Doll! ❤️.”

While Darcey received some compliments on her post, the comments section was riddled with insults, mocking the TLC star for referring to herself as a “doll.”

Darcey under fire for calling herself a ‘doll’

“Ohhhh good. We’ve discovered AI,” griped one of Darcey’s critics.

Others hinted that Darcey used Photoshop to augment her figure to appear thinner.

“Voodoo doll,” read another comment aimed at Darcey, calling her photo “Scary.”

Another hater commented that Darcey has a “tragic, unhealthy obsession” with her appearance.

@howdii777 thought Darcey’s photo was a throwback, taken before she had “multiple surgeries and filters.”

“Wow you must be kidding cuz you look far away from a [doll] and you know it,” mocked another doubter.

darcey silva's critics comment on her "doll" appearance on instagram
Followers shade Darcey. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Darcey paid no mind to the harsh criticism she received for posting her “doll” image and has continued to toot her own horn on Instagram.

In one of her most recent uploads, Darcey held her hair away from her face as she videoed herself posing for the camera.

Taylor Swift’s tune, Cruel Summer, played as the background music as Darcey continued to strike her sultriest poses for the recording.

This time, instead of labeling herself a doll, Darcey captioned her share, “Darcey baddie is back! ⭐️ “Too hot to handle. 🔥.”

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