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‘Sister Wives’: How Did Garrison Brown D ie?

‘Sister Wives’: How Did Garrison Brown D ie?

Sister Wives - Garrison Brown, Janelle Brown - TLC YouTube

The shocking news came out today that Garrison Brown of Sister Wives died. Of course, this has fans questioning how he passed away and what happened. The news has been revealed of what happened to Robert Garrison Brown.

How Did Garrison Brown Die?

The news was revealed today that Garrison Brown died of a gunshot wound that is assumed to be self-inflicted. There is no foul play being considered in this case, but Garrison was found shot to death. His brother Gabriel Brown actually found him at his home when it happened. It sounds like Garrison was at home by himself when he committed suicide. Nobody suspected that anything was wrong with him. He hadn’t shared any details of issues lately. Garrison and his dad Kody Brown didn’t get along, but this had been going on for a while.

Garrison Brown Pic Instagram
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Garrison Brown’s Life

Robert Garrison Brown was 25 years old at his time of his death. He was very young, which shocked fans. He was the son of Kody and Janelle Brown. This couple is divorced. Both Janelle and Kody are still living in Flagstaff, which is where Garrison Brown was living at his time of death. At one time, his brother Gabriel Brown had moved in with him. Since he was the one who found him, you can assume they were possibly still living together at his time of death.

Just five days ago, Garrison adopted a new kitten. He shared about it on his Instagram and was really excited. In this post, he said “Newest edition to my home, Ms Buttons. She’s 9 years old and was on the line for euthanasia but my savior complex couldn’t suffice. #crazycatlady” This was his last post before his death on social media. On his social media pages, he went by the name Robert Garrison Brown, which is his real full name. You can see the post below.

e now flocking to his recent posts to share “RIP” and their thoughts for the family to read. Garrison’s loss at such a young age is hitting the viewers of Sister Wives pretty hardThis loss comes as a shock.

Fans are shocked by the loss of Garrison Brown. Our prayers and condolences are with the family in this hard time. So far, the family hasn’t spoken out about this loss.

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