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90 Day Fiancé ‘s Bilal Fears Shaeeda Will ‘Abandon’ Him If They Have a Baby

Shaeeda and Bilal are continuing their debate about having children on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

In Sunday’s episode, 37-year-old Shaeeda sat down with Bilal, 42, to make a pro and con list about having a baby. While they’ve gone back and forth about having kids — Shaeeda is eager, but Bilal wants to slow down — they weren’t holding back during this discussion.

Ahead of important baby news, Bilal attempted to teach Trinidad native Shaeeda “how to drive in America” since she admittedly has “a heavy foot.”

In a confessional, Bilal shared that he had an ulterior motive for the driving lesson: “Shae and I are still trying to get to an agreement about when to start to get pregnant. Later on today, the results are coming from a fertility test. Shae, she’s pretty anxious about what it means for her so I thought right now would be a great opportunity to kind of take her mind off of that.”

Unfortunately, like so many other exchanges, the lesson became contentious when Bilal gave instructions from the passenger seat that made Shaeeda snap “don’t shade my country,” and he shot back, “Don’t mess up my car.”

Shaeeda confirmed in her own confessional that she was so nervous awaiting the bloodwork results to come back — and driving did nothing to soothe her.

As the two prepared to meet their doctor, Shaeeda restated their central issue: “I am 100% ready to have children.” She trailed off after saying her husband’s name, and when he looked away and turned his entire body, she said, “This speaks for itself.”

90DayFiance screen grab Bilal and Shaeeda
90DayFiance screen grab Bilal and Shaeeda

On the phone call, the couple’s doctor asked where the two of them stand “since they talked last.” He got a mixed response.

“I think we have been trying,” Shaeeda revealed — which was news to Bilal, who sputtered, “Trying what — she … we have not been trying.”

“When we are intimate, we are using a condom, but there has been a little oopsie here and there, so the possibility of a bun being in the oven could be real,” Shaeeda said in a confessional. “I am trying not to give it too much energy so that Bilal doesn’t pay attention to it, I’m just keeping it low.”

Bilal couldn’t be less on board: “We are not trying to have any children right now. At all. Like zero percent.”

Bilal explained his fears to the doctor.

“I think a child always should bring happiness,” he told the doctor. “I also know how she is, at times, she sometimes gets emotional. It gives me a little feeling of like, will you abandon me type of thing.”

“There’s been times where you no longer say I want to be with you and stuff like that,” he continued. I meant to be real that stuff scares me too because I’ve been divorced before so I never want to go through that again let alone having a child.”

Bilal added in a confessional that the thought having kids in his current dynamic with Shaeeda “kinda makes me back up. It doesn’t make me want to run to it, it makes me a little hesitant. I’m hesitant, for sure.”

90 Day Fiance. TLC90 Day Fiance. TLC

Later in the episode, Shaeeda said, “I know Bilal loves me, but it’s never a good feeling to have someone that you love don’t really trust you. It makes me so upset to think that he does not trust me enough to stay with him if we have a baby together.”

At the suggestion of their doctor, they started making a pro and con list for parenthood. The pros included unselfish love, while added stress was a big con.

“Babe you get irritated right now if you don’t get 10 hours of sleep,” Bilal told Shaeeda, though she insisted she could get the baby “on a program so they would just automatically know when it’s bedtime.”

Bilal added in the eventual cost of college and called Shaeeda a “germaphobe” who might not be willing to change diapers.

“I’m fearful of the fact that sometimes when there are problems that arise, you are quick to want to run for the hills,” Bilal explained, and Shaeeda admitted she has said strong things while angry.

“Saying the D-word — ‘done’ or ‘divorce’ — those are words you should never say,” said Bilal. “I’m scared of having children with the thought that you may want to up and leave one day

She responded, “My fear is that every year will be the same conversation, time will be passing, and there will be no baby.”

Shaeeda continued in a confessional: “He has been hurt before. Women have walked out on him. But I’m not his past. At the same time I’m not going to live my life without a baby so whether Bilal and I stay together or not I’m not going to allow anyone to waste my time.”

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