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‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa Cross Calls Slaton Sister Her ‘Bestie’

‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa Cross Calls Slaton Sister Her ‘Bestie’

Vannessa Cross from Instagram

1000-Lb Best Friends fans love Vannessa Cross for a wide range of reasons. In addition to her impeccable work ethic, she’s also incredibly down to earth, friendly, and encouraging.

Recently, Vannessa called one of her fellow TLC stars her “bestie,” and fans can easily see why. Vannessa frequently goes above and beyond to cheer on others around her.

Keep reading to see what she said.

Vannessa Cross Excitedly Cheers On Her Fellow TLC Stars

Out of all the 1000-Lb Best Friends stars, Vannessa Cross has been the most successful in her health and weight loss journey. But even so, she’s always happy to lift up her costars — and fellow TLC stars too.

Vannessa Cross from Instagram
Vannessa Cross/Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton recently updated her Facebook profile picture. And of course, Vannessa was there to say something positive.

“Yessss looking amazing my Queen bestie!!!! Girl this is a beautiful picture of you,” Vannessa wrote. In the image, Tammy is wearing a black off-the-shoulder outfit. She leans against a tree, a lovely smile crossing her face.

Screenshot of Tammy Slaton's Facebook page
Tammy Slaton/Facebook

Although fans loved seeing this exchange, it’s not the first time Vannessa has given Tammy a special shout-out. Last summer, Tammy Slaton received bariatric surgery and started posting more vulnerable photos on Instagram.

On one photo, Vannessa wrote, “🔥🔥 GIRL YESS QUEEN you look amazing!!!! I’m so proud of [you]!!! It was not easy trust me I know but you did it!!!”

Next, both Tammy and Vannessa would love to receive skin removal surgery. When new seasons of their shows premiere, fans sincerely hope both women will get their wish.

Tammy Slaton Recently Live Streamed With Meghan Crumpler Too

Vannessa Cross isn’t the only 1000-Lb Best Friends star to hang out with Tammy Slaton in cyberspace. Meghan Crumpler recently hosted a live stream, which Tammy Slaton later joined. Fans really enjoyed seeing the women interact with one another and entertain fans.

In the video, Meghan described how much Tammy and her sister Amy Halterman inspired her own health journey.

“I used to watch y’all on YouTube. I never commented, I just watched,” Meghan revealed on the stream. “Y’all inspired me because when you’re at that size, a woman like I am, you look for people you can relate to … you know what I mean? You and your sister did that for me and I’m forever grateful.”

Were you excited to see Vannessa Cross cheer on Tammy Slaton? What do you think the women’s friendship looks like in real life? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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