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1000-lb Best Friends fans outraged by Meghan’s ‘disrespectful’ Dr Procter row

1000-lb Best Friends fans outraged by Meghan’s ‘disrespectful’ Dr Procter row

Meghan Crumpler stormed off filming during a recent episode of the TLC reality show following a heated row with Dr Charles Proctor.

1000-lb Best Friends follows the lives of four morbidly obese pals who are trying to change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, their attempts to put a stop to their bad habits aren’t always successful, and a recent row with TV personality and top bariatric surgeon Dr Charles Procter has caught flak from some fans of the hit TLC series as the second season continues.

Fans of 1000-lb Best Friends have slammed Meghan Crumpler for her ‘disrespectful’ behaviour towards Dr Procter in the TLC reality show’s latest season.

The surgeon criticised her progress in a recent episode and called her one of his “less successful” patients.

Meghan was clearly unhappy with his remarks, bursting into tears and admitting she had “disappointed herself”.

However, the meeting took a turn for the worse when Meghan’s friends encouraged her to step on the scales as she hadn’t met with Dr Procter for six months.

Meghan Crumpler and Dr Charles Procter

1000-lb Best Friends fans outraged by Meghan’s ‘disrespectful’ Dr Procter row (Image: TLC)

1000lb Best Friends Cast

1000lb Best Friends: Meghan, Tina, Vanessa and Ashley are trying to make a change (Image: TLC)

She fumed: “I’m not getting on a scale if that’s what you’re thinking.”

After a tense lecture from her friend Vanessa Cross, Meghan stormed out and shouted “I’m done, goodbye!”

Viewers who have been keeping up with 1000-lb Best Friends’ latest season were furious with Meghan’s behaviour, especially compared to how she acted in the first outing.

Redditor sarahfaye403 posted: “Meghan is so disrespectful to someone that has put in his time to get to the level he is.

Dr Charles Procter

1000lb Best Friends: Meghan refuses to call Dr Procter by his proper title (Image: TLC)

Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross

1000-lb Best Friends: Vanessa tried to convince Meghan to step on the scales (Image: TLC)

“She lives in a basement and mooches off her friend. She could at least learn basic respect for his title.

“But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. She wouldn’t respect anyone else’s hard work.”

During the first season, Meghan and her friends were all determined to follow Dr Procter’s advice and make a change to their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it seems she hasn’t been able to commit to getting healthier, as it later emerged Meghan had gained 12 lbs since her last doctor’s visit.

“I don’t know what’s up with Megan this season,” Daisee8 replied.

“Last season, she was adorable, nice and so likeable, it was Vanessa who rubbed me the wrong way.

“They’ve reversed roles now, and it’s Megan who’s obnoxious and Vanessa’s the nice one.”

Fans have also pointed out Meghan’s tendency to avoid referring to Dr Procter by his proper title.

“I noticed this and I agree, 100%,” Bugga1954 said. “You know she thinks she is being sneaky and cute by not referring to him as Doctor.”

Mmmdonuts107 added: “Finally someone said it!! But she’s saying it that way to bring Dr Charles Proctor down because he was honest with her.

“It’s like the patients who threaten Dr Now [on My 600-lb Life] and look idiotic because of it.”

The series is still in the middle of its second season, so hopefully, fans will see some more positive progress for Meghan and her friends in the coming episodes.

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